Monday, January 21, 2008

Mitt Romney -Faith and Candidacy

I read the article titled "Romney's Speech: The Role of Faith in America." Therein the author explains Romney's position on the role of religion as it pertains to state. The author tells us Romney does not think church and state can be completely separated and furthermore that he will "endeavor to live by it." The author makes this point 4 times.
The kairos to this article would be that now is the most relevant time for such an article to be written. Of course, now is the hot bed of the primary election season. Many are informed about the religious affiliation of Romney, but have not yet made up their minds as to what to do about it.
The intended audience would likely be BYU Daily Universe Readers, members of the LDS faith (trying to rally LDS support of Mitt), and the American voter. This article would likely have a larger effect in a national newspaper; however, it also ought to have a polarizing effect on the LDS reader.
The greatest means of persuasion I could see is the appeal to some sense of religious or moral fortitude. The author deliberately made the point that Romney would not declare "
division between church and state was absolute" as JFK (a revered President) did. This makes Romney somehow more noble and honorable than JFK to the reader.

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