Sunday, March 9, 2008

500 Interesting Words

As I become more acquainted with the world the one thing that interests me most is always changing. Years ago I was very interested in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. More recently I was most interested in females. Today career opportunities and skills peaks my interest.

I am currently studying the very practical career discipline of Manufacturing Engineering Technology. This discipline promises to give me the skills necessary to run a company, particularly a manufacturing company, of any size from any position. By graduation I will have learned tool design, entrepreneurship, management, as well as beginnings in computer aided design, plastics, and statistics.

The most exciting prospective fruit of my major is the training for entrepreneurship -to one day operate my own business. I plan to find a niche in manufacturing. The potential for earning will be limitless. The hours I have to wrok will be flexible. Most importantly to me is that the problems I’ll be facing and the work I’ll be doing will be undergoing constant change and definition.

I figure I’ll work for a company for at least ten years to get the proper level of work experience for application to my business. My current employer owns two small businesses with a partner. He told me that he worked for a company for fifteen years before starting his company. In his estimation, and mine, real world work experience put him in a solid position to start a business.

Another acceptable choice career path involves the title of CEO. For me, it would be a good fit to be at the top of the company food chain. I feel that I have the proper leadership skills and determination to make such a position worthwhile. I have often felt that I could effectively mold the laborer and the management into a powerful cohesive force of progress. I see the important of the opinion of the little man. When the big picture does not fit the idea of some, I would try to help them understand the big picture.

Whatever my career destination, two things drive my ambitions –happiness and money. The purpose of making a living is to MAKE A LIVING. Many people cannot be happy in meaningless and dead-end jobs. Money however, must be made to support a family. My ambition is to be able to comfortably provide for my family and sustain others with the excess.

One large thing that allows me to choose a career that pays well and keeps me happy is education. I am using this time in my life to work hard to open certain doors of opportunity. Education allows you to start somewhere halfway up the ladder of your career goals instead of at the bottom. I work with a guy who did not go to college but does essentially what I will personally do in the workforce. The difference between he and I is that this position will be starting for me and thirteen years invested for him.

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