Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Remote Bottle Opener

I finally got my bottle opener fabricated, assembled, and installed. It works very well and I am excited not to be bleeding off nitrous needlessly into the atmosphere. Here is the work!

First I took off the OEM nitrous valve handle.

I got this window regulator off eBay brand new for $3.70! (plus $6 shipping) It was for an '83 Mustang. The DPDT Switch and DPDT Relay are radio shack specials.

Next I fashioned an adapter between the regulator output and the square valve shaft. I originally thought I was going to have it stand off more, thus the 2.5" long adapter. I only used about 1/2" after all.

With that ready, I tapped it all together with the hammer and onto the valve body. The gear has effectively become the new handle so it shouldn't have to be removed for fillings.

The regulator motor will fit on like so.

Next I had to take measurements with the ol' calipers, CAD render and cut out the bracket system. Then machine, drill, and tap everything to be put together.

It went together smooth. Notice that I've used wig-head machine screws to hold to regulator on. This is for quick release when bottle filling time comes.

Installing it was a pain. All that time in the trunk and running lines and checking wiring- BLAH! But it all works great now and I am very glad with my $10 remote bottle opener!

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Christa and Randall said...

so even though i only understood like two sentences of that, i think u are the smartest boy ever and that system is way cool! love u snuggles