Thursday, February 21, 2008

Rhetorical Analysis

This portion of the class is unique because it forces us to write about something we will likely never use... Or does it?

I my estimation, it is important to be able to effectively analyze any important argument we are faced with. At many time in our lives we will be making major decisions based on some argument. It would be nice to be able to tell if there are holes in a seemingly sound topic. For example, when electing a president (of any kind) it becomes pertinent to know and understand some techniques that may be used to fool you.

Other cases many not be so serious, but still offer advantages to the well prepared audience. Just recently, my wife and I attended a sales meeting; allured by a nice "free gift." The salesman was smooth and brought up many good points as to why we ought to buy his product. I could not argue with much of his logic accept one piece. He asserted over and over that if I did not act now, the opportunity would NEVER come my way again. Well, I have done sales myself and recognize the tactic and know that this man would rather have a future sale with us than no sale at all. The point is even basest understanding of rhetoric can elevate us from the bond of ignorance to evaluative genious.

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