Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Angel Eyes DIY Mod E39

I found a few manufacturers of these LED lamp replacements. They are $150 at best. I am going to make my own- for less than $20. Who wants to bet me I can't?

Here are the preliminary pictures I took tonight to prepare myself for the task.

Old, yellow 10w Halogen angel eye lamps. One is out and shining at you.

I took out my D-cell flashlight and made a comparison. About the same output.

Then I tested it against my 8-LED flashlight. Brighter than the flashlight, but the LEDs are more the color I want.

Then I stuck the flashlight right into the headlight housing in the lamp position to see how it looked. I like it already. Though not properly focused, dim, and only a flashlight, I like the color a ton more. If my project doesn't go well I am just going to have to tape 2 of these flashlights in and pop my hood every time I drive to turn them on and off!

Next step is to get some high output LEDs and make a housing to fit. I think for the prototype I am just going to pull out the halogen and insert an LED (with resistor) for proof of concept. Then a better housing can be fabricated.

Wish me luck!

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