Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Supurb E39 FSU Writeup By Eurodavid @ Roadfly.com

Hi again.

Well, here's a little DIY writeup for our board (so you don't have to navigate to the 540i.com board for that writeup), plus I added some things that the other writeup doesn't have. Again, it is pictorial format with comments added to the pictures. All i have to say about this procedure is that they (our lovely German engineers) couldn't have designed a more tight fitting area than what they did when attempting to R&R this piece. Unless you have small (read: girlie hands), this procedure is a PIA. Here's the pics and hopefully they will tell the story:

Well, that's it. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday, gang. I'm going in to see if the wife will still talk to me, and if the kids remember who I am. Perhaps I should just stumble in the door wearing lederhosen, drunkly babbling about our vaunted Bavarian engineering.


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