Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Supurb E39 Steering Removal By RMedure @ Roadfly.com

So here you guys go. its all self explanatory, but Ill put a little words on top of each photo for you!

The first is to take out two screws T10 hex type from the console.

Next you will need to take out one each Cross head screw from the bottom and one from the top!

Next thing is to simply snap the console apart. Its not that difficult.
In fact....make sure you dont pull too hard. Or drink any beer before you do it. :-)

In the next photo, simply stick something in the slot where I have my screwdriver. Then while sliding the lock towards the drviers side give the plug a slight pull and viola! Out she comes.

Read note in picture. :-)

And read the note here too.

From underneath....scratch the two devil eyes out with anything. Its only a hard plastic. Kind of like a locker to hold the screws in.

Next take a small flat tip and loosen the two screws you just uncovered. And basically that's it. That ignition comes out in your hand!

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