Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Super Aux Fan Writeup By Eurodivid @ Roadfly.com

Hi all! Another day, another evening w/ whom else, my lovely e39.

Today I am fixing the auxillary fan on my 1996 528i e39, by replacing the aux fan resistors with a kit that is way less epxensive than buying a complete new aux fan. The following pics will hopefully tell the story of the DIY:

That's it for tonight folks. Hope this writeup w/ pics helps anyone out there on RF contemplating fixing their auxillary fan w/ the resistor repair kit (remember to do Jim Cash's excellent tips--search function works--about testing exactly what's wrong with your aux fan).



LInus said...

Thank you for documenting all your efforts!!! You are providing a great resource for the community of BMW enthusiasts!

Lehel said...

Can you fix the pics? Also a PDF version would be nice :)